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Annassa retreats & moments

Drumming & Cultural Voyage to Crete

A magical journey through the ancient lands of Crete. An 8-day adventure into the heartland of beauty, music, spirituality, and ancient mythology with Rhea Temple Ritual Healing Arts | Poliana Dimitropoulou Ameyali and Marla Leigh Goldstein | Percussionist-Composer Educator. A harmonious blend of music, rhythm skills, wellness practices, relaxation, spiritual exploration, authentic Cretan culture, and delectable cuisine.

Family Constellation & Womb Witching Goddess Retreat

Weaving together family constellations, tantra and sacred rituals, from South Africa to Greece. With Tara Rose | Zen coach-Family constellator-Shamanic energy & body worker and Elena Michalopoulou | Somatic therapist, yoga teacher & holistic healer.

Cretan Breeze Retreat

Retreat where we experienced the Art of Wellbeing with Yoga, dancetherapy and soundhealing. Enriched with Cretan nutrition, exploration of the South of Crete and a cultural traditional Cretan music night, with Alexandros Papanastasatos in soundhealing and Stelios Kotzabasakis.