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Wellbeing events and services

The Concept

Annassa,  means “breath” in Greek. Annassa connects us to our breath and the power of now.

Our mission is to foster wellbeing by encouraging personal and professional growth, making a positive impact on people and thereby society. We meticulously plan and implement consulting services, workshops, events and retreats, each tailored to the distinct culture and unique requirements of every organization we partner with.

Our Services

Our Consulting Services, Seminars & Workshops and Retreats, 
link leadership with wellbeing, with the aim to increase awareness, minimize stigma and provide tools to enhance personal wellbeing and through this, professional, team and corporate wellbeing. Team building, team bonding and employee engagement are also nurtured naturally.

Corporate Wellbeing Consulting Services

Possessing extensive experience in consulting as well as in wellbeing strategy formulation and implementation, our consulting services aim to help organizations and professionals perform wisely in the area of ESG, by planning and implementing wellbeing in productive, reciprocating and meaningful ways.

Corporate Wellbeing Seminars & Workshops

Annassa wellness seminars and workshops link the theory of resilience and wellbeing with experience. Experiential knowledge leads to meaningful personal growth and wellbeing. Our aim is to provide people with tools and practices they can embrace for a shift in their personal wellbeing.

This inspirational interactive seminar introduces the main pillars of resilience and wellbeing. It provides specific actionable advice on how to develop new wellbeing habits in order to pursue harmony in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The scope of this workshop is to enhance leaders’ wellbeing, to understand wellbeing basics in theory and practice, and to provide participants with the tools that will allow them to cultivate their personal wellbeing in everyday life.
Accompanied by a lived experience that energizes the body, calms the mind and opens the heart, it leads us to connect with our inner power. It is delivered in combination with soundtherapy, a unique wellbeing experience which allows participants to engage in deep healing.

A cycle of 7 weekly workshops aimed at providing theory and especially experience on the Art of Resilience and Wellbeing so as to lead a life in harmony.
A profoundly experiential and potent tool for real personal wellbeing, team building, team bonding and employee engagement.

Wellbeing Events & Retreats

Our wellbeing events and retreats aspire to increase awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the corporate world and to provide unique experiences to teams, for deep team building and employee engagement. Some indicative events and retreats are shown below.

Spread the word

We participated in the 2nd Wellbeing@Work conference, in order to share a live wellbeing experience and contribute to increasing awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the corporate world.

Special thanks to:

Annassa Team: Alexandros Papanastasatos & Giorgos Christakis for the soundhealing journey.

Quest Holdings: The Art of Resilience & Wellbeing Essentials Retreat:
movement, mindfulness and soundhealing

In this experiential workshop we discussed the pillars of wellbeing and their interaction. We energized our body through movement and detox nutrition, we calmed our mind and opened our hearts through mindfulness, meditation and soundtherapy. We got inspired through a unique experience of personal wellbeing and we acquired specific tools to develop actionable new habits so that we can live our life in harmony.

Special thanks to:
Duncan Dance Research Center | for the unique space
Giorgos Christakis  | for the unique sound journey
The Plant Kingdom | for the caring nutrition

The Art of Resilience & Wellbeing: sailing with movement, meditation and soundtherapy.

A Resilience & Wellbeing event that can be held at business premises or at selected outdoor areas in nature to help us connect with our inner power!

Co-creation with:  AMNIS Learning & Growth

Special thanks to:

Anassa Yachting | for the luxurious space
@T.S.M Giorgos Christakis & Nikos Grigoriadis | for the unique sound journey
RAW SIGHT Panayiotis Lamprou | for the Creative Image Production  
Theodora Karageorgou | for the healing massage touch 

The Art of Wellbeing: sailing with coaching, kundalini yoga and meditation.

The Art of Wellbeing: yoga, sound therapy and coaching. We combined two worlds,
East and West. Yoga, meditation, sound therapy with productivity, sustainability
and personal coaching. The wellbeing world and the business world.…
have all merged into one!

Co-creation with: Konstantinos Karypidis 

Special thanks to:

Anassa Yachting | for the luxurious space
Half Dim Quartet | Dimitris Kollias for the Jazz Saxophone Journey
Konstantina Soulantika | for the unique support